How to Get the Most Money When Selling Your Home to an Investor

How to Get the Most Money When Selling Your Home to an Investor

Want to sell your home for cash for the most money possible? We’re guessing the answer is yes.

Well, the good news is that there are definitely ways to get a real estate investor to purchase your house for more. Here are four tactics that should help you end up with more cash in your pocket.

  1. Make Your House Spotless

When the real estate investor arrives to take a look at your house, it should be as clean and as presentable as possible. The investor will be assessing the repairs that need to be done. And while you certainly don’t want to hide any damage, having a dirty house is going to make him or her scrutinize it more.

  1. Be Friendly

A good real estate investor is looking to make it a win-win deal for both parties. If they like you, they’ll generally be willing to be more flexible on their cash offer. But if you’re rude or confrontational, they may not be so eager to help. And they may even take their cash elsewhere.

  1. Be Easy to Deal With

If a real estate investor feels like it’s going to take a long time to figure out if they want to buy your house, they might move on. They’re also factoring in how hard you are to work with into the price, since they might be working on getting bids while you’re still occupying the home, so you want to make it a quick and easy process. That means being flexible on the time they come to view your home and making it easy for them to get into your house. If it’s difficult for them to get into your home to view it, they’ll figure it’s going to be hard to get a contractor in for a quote, which means they might offer less.

  1. Get Proof of Funds

The investor may make you a great offer, but if they don’t actually have the funds to back it up, what good is it? Unfortunately, there are some shady professional home buyers out there. But if you request proof of funds, you won’t have to worry about being swindled.

If you’re dealing with a seasoned investor, making a good deal shouldn’t be a problem. But using the tips mentioned above certainly won’t hurt.

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